School Garden Paragraph for Class 6,7,8 Students

The garden is an essential component of the school, even though most schools do not have one. A school garden can be used to establish healthy eating habits, as educational tools in the classroom, and to promote community encompassing. In addition, it works as teaching material for the students.

My School Garden Paragraph: 200 Words

Our school garden is big and beautiful to look at. It is filled with lush greenery stretched over a vast area of 1 acre. It is filled with various types of trees, plants, and flowers. Looking at the flowers and trees feels refreshing when we enter the school garden.

It can be found in the center of the school building, and the garden can be found just next to the playground. On one side, there is nothing but trees and bushes; on the other, there is a row of flowers. The vibrant butterflies flying about on the branches of the trees add even more color to the garden.

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Paragraph on 200 Words School Garden

My school has a beautiful school garden which is located near the office building. Our headmaster approved this brilliant idea to initiate a garden project a few years ago. All the teachers and the students were very happy with this decision. Adding the school garden has increased the beauty of our school’s landscape.

Our school garden has a variety of flowers. So we decided to plant Rose, Dahlia, Sunflower, Marigold, etc. in our school garden. There are currently 100 flowers planted across the garden and various plants and trees. Our agriculture teacher was the one who managed the whole project, and we can proudly say that no one would have done a better job than him.

His expertise was why our school garden looks the best compared to other schools around the city. He did most of the work alone. However, 10 students volunteered to help with the project, and I was one of them. I was very excited to be a part of a wonderful project. But I can add that the task was not easy at all. The work was labor-intensive, but since we did it together, we had a wonderful experience.

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A School Garden: 300 Word Paragraph

In our city, only a few schools have gardens on their premises. We were lucky enough to have

one in our school. We have a lovely garden located in our school’s front yard. It is not the biggest school garden in the city, but it does look very attractive. Our school peon regularly takes care of it. He has quite good knowledge of gardening. His mother used to do gardening in their house, and he understands the plants and flowers and how to properly care for them. Our agriculture teacher tries to provide much of his expertise to him, which has helped the garden flourish.

Besides that, the students have roles in caring for the garden. Students have to work on the school garden every Saturday after school, depending on the routine. I love spending my time in our school garden. We water the plants and keep the garden neat and clean. Recently we have reached various plants and flowers and planted new species that grow well in the garden.

Our headmaster is very happy with our work and looking at our determination, and he has proposed adding another school’s garden in the backyard of the main building at the end of the year. He has claimed that this project will double our current garden’s size. He has also arranged some rare plants to plant in our new garden. Naturally, we were delighted with this wonderful news, and all the students in my classroom have already volunteered to participate in the upcoming project.

When it comes to trees, we have already planted bananas, coconut, papaya, and many others. Having a school garden is like a blessing in disguise. I can spend hours in the garden and still feel amazed by the spectacular view of the garden.

Conclusion: A school garden is an important part of a school and having one is a blessing in disguise. It has been observed that mental development is much higher for the students exposed to the garden and engaged in gardening.

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