Slum Dwellers Paragraph for Class 1-10 in English

Slum dwellers earn the minimum wage in society and their lifestyle is very poor, having very little access to facilities and resources. A slum is a place where the lowest earning people live together in very congested places having few facilities for water, electricity, and sanitation systems.

Slum Dwellers Paragraph

Paragraph on Slum Dwellers: 100 Words

Slum-dwellers are those who make their homes in urban areas. Slums are a major concern in the majority of cities. The population density is quite high, yet there are no facilities nearby. Most slums lack access to basic utilities like running water, electricity, and sanitation. This contributes to the already challenging living conditions and the higher incidence of potentially fatal diseases.

Commonly, slums form when a large number of individuals who share similar economic circumstances move into an undeveloped area. Sum dwellers work very hard and put hours into intensive labor but at the end of the day, that barely pays for the living expense.

Slum Dwellers Paragraph: 200 Words

The slums outside and inside of our major cities are becoming an increasingly serious issue for nations. Villagers drawn to the bright lights of the city often arrive in the big cities unprepared, sleeping on the streets. Because they have no other options, they do odd jobs like rickshaws pulling or selling vegetables.

They cobble together some wool or cardboard, go onto some abandoned land, erect some improvised walls out of sticks and branches, then cover them with whatever fabric, sacking, rags, or plastic sheets they can get their hands on. That small space gets surprisingly shared by two, three, or even four people.

Even having such a difficult life they still keep living the city life hoping to turn their life around. Those who have remained for a while and established themselves financially tend to forget their rural roots. They’ve figured out how to get an unauthorized power line into the slums, so now thousands upon thousands of people living there may enjoy their entertainment through color TV.

The people living in the surrounding villages become aware of these accomplishments and acquisitions, which in turn encourages them to go to the city and become new slum dwellers.

300 Word Paragraph on Slum Dwellers

Every big city is surrounded by big or small slums where dwellers live earning the bare minimum income. They mostly came from rural areas in search of work and a better life in the city. But the ladder to having a better life is much longer than they anticipated. They have to live in a confined space that is unhygienic and dirty.

Many people in the slums make their living in diverse professions. Some of their work is as peddlers, street vendors, or beggars on the sidewalks.

A small percentage of them engage in criminal behavior as well. Some people believe that slums are the epicenter of criminal activity. They can more accurately assess the state of the orphaned youngsters. Local political leaders will often include them in political agendas and use them for their benefit.

The people living in the slums do not have access to their fundamental requirements. They cannot even afford to feed their children properly, much alone provide an education for them. Even if some of them do send their children to school, it will not be enough to keep them there since there is not enough funding.

They have limited access to clean drinking water as well as limited access to medical services. They are severely affected by their lack of nutrients. In addition to this, the unsanitary conditions of the slums are a contributing factor to the high death rate among the people who live there.

They live a very hard life but they don’t lose hope. They keep going because they have left everything behind and come here. They have nothing to look back for. They sometimes cry for sorrow and beg for a better life but they keep going until they find the silver lining in there. Among the millions, a few get to turn their life around.


It’s not easy to survive in the slums. Every day, people struggle with their good fortune. Hating or avoiding those who live in slums is not a wise choice. If we all pitch in, we can make a difference for the underprivileged.

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