My hobby Paragraph for Class 1-10 (100,200 & 300 Words)

Hobby is something which can make our mood better. Everyone has a different hobby. There are no rules about what could be termed a hobby. It can be anything; the choice is yours. Here is the paragraph about “MY HOBBY” for classes 1-10. I wish you guys would like it.

My hobby Paragraph

My hobby Paragraph (100 words)

A hobby is our mind satisfying things, what makes us happy. Everybody has a hobby they like. It can be anything that you want to do. So, I also have a hobby. My hobby is listening to music. Listening to music makes me happy.

There are many types of music like pop songs, folk songs, rap songs, etc. In my free time, I listen to songs. I used to like listening to songs when I was only eight. I listened to music on TV when I was a child. It makes my mood better.

My hobby Paragraph About Book reading (200 words)

Hobbies are a great way to relax and refresh our minds. Anything can be selected as a hobby if it relaxes your mind. Everyone has a hobby. So I also have a hobby. My hobby is reading books. When I was a child, my father took me to a book fair to visit, and I bought some cartoon books. I used to like reading books after reading those books I bought from the book fair.

I used to read stories in my primary school days. Now I like to read science, technology, and history. I have read history about our liberation war. I have read more than 5-7 books on each particular topic. I read Bangla books as well as English.

My favorite book is “A Brief History of Time Paperback,” which Stephen Hawking wrote. It was published in 1988. Unfortunately, this book is too much interesting. Does this book explore such profound questions as what made its start possible??

What will happen, and when it all ends? How did the universe begin, and why-— does time always flow forward? Is the universe unending-—or are there boundaries?? Are there other dimensions in space?

I like this hobby, and this is the best hobby in the world for sure. By reading books, we can increase our knowledge. Books are our best friends. Hobbies are a great way to relax and refresh our minds.

My hobby Paragraph 300 word

People have many types of hobbies, and I also have a different hobby: gardening. Gardening is my hobby. Some years ago, I visited my cousin’s house and saw he had made a garden on his rooftop, which was awesome. I used to like spending time in his garden. There were 20 types of flower trees as well as vegetables also.

On that day, I think about gardening and making it a hobby.

And then I started making my garden.

My parents are supportive; they support me as much as they can. As I’m living in a large city and we have enough space in front of our house where I can make a garden. I also bought many flower and vegetable seeds to grow in my garden. After that, I started working on my garden.

I have witnessed too many failures. When I faced any problem, my cousin helped me all the time. I learned too many things about gardening from my cousin. And I successfully can make my garden as I want. I have created my garden as I wanted.

I have more than 15 types of flower trees, vegetables, and many more trees in my garden. Gardening is not that much hard as people say. You have to be careful about your plants, take care of them, place them in a suitable place, and many more things to follow.

Taking care of your plants is very important. Otherwise, it won’t work. We can help save us from Environment Pollution and Green House Effect by gardening.

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