Why BCS Administration Is Your First Choice?

After graduation, every student wants a career that promotes stability, growth, and social impact. BCS (Bangladesh Civil Services) plays a crucial role in such a space.

If you want to talk about one of the best BCS Cadres, Administration Cadre would be the first choice of the maximum applicants. Once you pass the preliminary and written in Viva, the BPSC viva board may ask you, “Why BCS Administration is your first choice?”

In this blog, you will learn how to answer this question and the perks and challenges of the BCS Administration cadre.

Why BCS Administration Is Your First Choice

Why BCS Administration Is Your First Choice?” In BCS Viva

You have to be very careful while answering this question, as your selection might depend on your answer to a great extent. You can basically answer this question by focusing on two different aspects.

Answer 1 – Focused On Public Service

BCS Administration Cadre is my first choice because this cadre can get me closest to the public. I can address their needs and concerns directly and help the communities thrive through various projects and initiatives.

Another reason for choosing the administration cadre is that by working in this cadre, I will be able to impact the nation directly. The decisions I’ll make through my journey will positively effect millions of lives across Bangladesh.

Answer 2 – Focused On Growth And Impact

BCS Administration cadre is my first choice because working in this area will enable me to be part of the executive branch, the engine that implements laws and shapes policy. With my ideas turning into action, I’ll drive positive changes for the country’s future.

Besides, this dynamic cadre offers diverse exposure to different aspects of government. Being a part of it, I can constantly learn, build expertise, and become a well-rounded leader.

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Why Choose BCS Administration?

If you think closely, you might not still be clear about why you should choose the BCS Administration cadre. Initially, many candidates do not have in-depth knowledge about the cadre and make the first choices depending on the older candidate’s success.

But for your clarification, you must know why the BCS Admin cadre is worth it for you.

1.    Stability and Security

Forget the anxieties of unstable salaries and job insecurity. Joining the BCS Administration guarantees secure government employment with regular salary increments. Unlike the uncertainties of the private sector, here you’ll find a career path with stability and peace of mind.

2.    Making a Difference

As a BCS Administration officer, your work goes beyond pushing papers. You’ll be directly involved in shaping policies and implementing impactful projects. Serving your community and contributing to national development will bring positive change efforts.

3.    Growth and Development

Your journey doesn’t end with joining. BCS Administration offers diverse career paths, each unlocking new challenges and learning opportunities. You will get to polish your leadership skills through training. Besides, gain exposure to various government functions and specialize in specific areas.

4.    Social Status and Prestige

Serving as a public servant in the BCS Administration carries immense respect and recognition. With the position, you are not only working to make money; instead, you will be at the peak of your reputation in society.

Concerns and Challenges

With many advantages, the BCS Administration Cadre also comes with some challenges. Although there are no major obstacles, you can consider the below two points as concerns.

1.    Competitive Exam

As BCS is one of Bangladesh’s most sought-after career choices, the exam is challenging. But, with proper guidance and preparation, you can get a chance. Once you get into the Administration Cadre, after four years of your job, you might need to take another exam for senior scale promotion.

2.    Work-Life Balance

In the beginning, you might be jampacked with the workload. Besides, you might not even get proper weekends and work on those days. You won’t get any personal vehicle or specialized living facilities in this period.

You will get those facilities after three years of serving in your job.

The Pathway To Success Through BCS Administration Cadre

Many aspiring BCS Administration Cadre applicants don’t have a clear idea about the career path in the specific cadre. Here is a quick idea guide for you.

  • In the beginning, when you join the Administration cadre, you will have to work as an assistant commissioner and executive magistrate under any particular DC (District Collector) in any district.
  • After serving for three years, you can get promoted to AC Land (Assistant Commissioner of Land). Now you will get accommodation, transport, and bodyguard facilities.
  • In the 5th year of your job, you will get a promotion to senior assistant secretary, a Grade-6 position. To get this, you must appear in an exam for senior scale promotion, and if passed, you will be promoted.
  • Serving for five to six years, you will get an opportunity to become the UNO (Upazila Nirbahi Officer).
  • You might get promoted to deputy commissioner after 9 to 10 years of your job.
  • When your service life crosses 12 years, you will become deputy secretary.
  • In the 13th or 14th year, you will become the District Collector/Commissioner.
  • In the 19th year, you will get a grade-3 position of Joint Secretary.
  • In this way, you will achieve the position of Secretary (Grade 2) in your 25th year of service. You have to work in this position for five to six years.
  • Now, if your age is under 60, in your 30th year, you will become the Secretary or Head Of The Ministery.
  • Next, there is a super grade position, which is Senior Secretary.
  • After that, you might become the Ministery Council Secretary in a Special Grade.

Final Words

As you have come this far reading the write-up, hope you now know how to answer the question, “Why BCS Administration is your first choice?” in viva.

Remember, getting qualified in this cadre might be challenging, but there are more opportunities you will get than the other cadres. If you prepare well, you can serve the country with merit in the administrative cadre.

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