My hobby Paragraph for Class 1-10 (100,200 & 300 Words)

A hobby is a type of activity that people do for enjoyment. There is no hardship or struggle involved. Instead, it is a kind of activity that people look forward to having to pass an enjoyable time. Here are some of the paragraphs on my hobby.

Painting – My Favorite Hobby (100 words) 

One of my favorite hobbies is painting. Whenever I have time for myself and sit down in my room, imagine a scenario and start to paint. Painting brings out the other part of me that loves to explore my imagination and put it out on the canvas. I love painting so much that on my last birthday, I asked for a watercolor palette, and I was so happy when I got them as my gift.

Whenever I go out, I observe the environment around me and apprehend and appreciate its beauty. I always take my art materials to capture the moment by painting it.

Embroidery- My Favorite Hobby (200 words)

I always find embroidery very amusing to me. That is why it is my hobby. Every day I spend a few hours on it. I find it very refreshing and relaxing, and sometimes hours pass by, and I don’t even realize it when I am engaged in my hobby.

I like experimenting with different patterns and colors. I can work on different fabric colors when I am engaged with embroidery. Moreover, The patterns that I use come in a wide variety. I’ve worked with embroidery before, and I become delighted every time I do a new project. Embroidery making is time-consuming, but I enjoy every second I spend on it.

Recently I have made various exciting items of embroidery. I have made an abstract embroidery on a tablecloth. My friends and family were excited to see my work and valued my hobby. They said it was one of the best designs they had ever witnessed. I wish to make embroidery on my mother’s sarees. I want to surprise her birthday by making a traditional embroidery design on her favorite saree. I am sure she will love my surprise.

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Traveling – My Favorite Hobby (300 words)

Once I went on a hike with my cousins and fell in love with the journey. That is when I realized I love traveling, which is why it is my favorite hobby. Traveling is one of my sources of happiness. I love traveling so much that I aim for a long trip every year by saving my pocket money. My family is very supportive of my traveling. However, they always insist on taking a guardian with me whenever I go on a long trip.

Traveling made me realize that I love being with nature. I feel like they have developed a spiritual connection with nature and accepted me as their part. I always enjoy going into a deep forest. The fresh air and sweet birds chirping make me feel more alive. Being raised in the city area, traveling and roaming around nature feel like an escape from reality.

Recently I went to the Sundarbans (the largest mangrove forest in the world), and it was the best experience of my life. I have witnessed so many things in my life in just one trip. And the cherry on the cake, I saw the royal Bengal tiger, which was a breathtaking experience.

I was on the boat when I witnessed the magnificent beast. The best moment was when it looked directly at me. It felt like it was trying to say something to me when it growled, or it was just in my head. Whatever it was, I can say it was one of the best moments in my life. Besides that, I saw different kinds of birds, crocodiles, deer, monkeys, and many other beautiful animals. I have realized that I find going into nature very rewarding.

Conclusion: What people like doing—their hobbies—says a lot about them. Indeed every one of us has something we like doing in our spare time. It’s a great way to clear your head, reduce tension, and get you psyched about achieving your goals.

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