How Can I Send IELTS Score To University?

Sending your IELTS score to universities is one of the most intimidating parts of the university application process. Your application procedure will be incomplete without delivering the required version of the result to the institute. That is why you need to know which form of the paper you must send to the university. Let’s have a look from below.

How Can I Send IELTS Score To University?

How Can I Send IELTS Score To University?

It takes about 13 days to publish the result of the paper-based IELTS exam and 3 to 5 days for the computer- based one from the test date. After the publication of the result, you can preview your score by logging into the Test Taker Portal at any time. While you were registering for the exam either via British Council or IDP, they would have provided you the details of your account through an email.

TRF and eTRF

TRF means Test Report Form, which is the proof and official confirmation of your score. TRF is the paper version of the result, and eTRF or Electronical Test Report Form is the electronic or digital version of it. Universities can ask either for the paper or the electronic version to verify your score. Depending on the university requirements, you have to send them your results by means of email or postal delivery.

How To Get TRF or eTRF?

  • You will receive your paper TRF 13 days after your examination via mail delivery, or you can collect it from the test taker center.
  • TRF is only given for the paper-based IELTS exam, whereas eTRF is for the computer-based exam. Thus, eTRF can be available on the test taker portal 3 to 5 days after the test date.
  • To get the eTRF, you have to log into your account and download your eTRF form there.
  • To access your account, you have to provide your passport or ID number (used for the registration) as well as your candidate number to the test taker portal.

Your test result will not be provided through message or email, except for the result publication news.

How many TRF or eTRF can I send?

  • IELTS test result is validated only for two years. Within this timeframe, you can use this test score to apply anywhere.
  • It is quite easy to share your IELTS score to the institute by simply requesting your test taker center to send your IELTS score to the particular university. The institute will specify whether they want paper TRF delivery by post or an electronical delivery or e-delivery.
  • You can deliver your score to up to five universities free of charge from your test taker portal within two years. To send more than that, you have to pay a certain amount to your IELTS exam booking organization. The administrative cost will be 750 BDT, in that case, for each TRF.
  • There is no charge for eTRF. But to send it overseas, you must pay 2400
  • You can sit for as many exams as you wish and send whichever score you please.

What if your test taker organization is off?

In that case, you can ask for help by contacting the British Council and filling out a particular form.

Final Words.

Hope to understand about the How Can I Send IELTS Score To University? If you have any others query for How to Send IELTS Score in the University, please let me know, we will add information as per your request. Thanks

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