Noise Pollution Paragraph: 100, 200, 300 Words

There are various kinds of pollution and noise pollution is one of them. Noise pollution involves undesirable and unwanted sound that is often louder than what our ears could happily receive. Noise pollution affects our hearing ability and its main sources come from our houses and outside.

Noise Pollution Paragraph

Noise Pollution Paragraph: 100 Words

The phrase “noise pollution” is used whenever the sound level in our surroundings reaches a level that is considered to be loud and exceeds the acceptable limit. The decibel, or dB, scale is used to quantify the loudness of a sound, and a sound that registers at roughly 70 dB is not regarded to be a discomfort.

However, any sound that is more than 70 to 75 decibels is regarded to be noise since it may harm both human health and ecology. Noise pollution can be harmful to human health which includes sleeplessness, lack of concentration and performance degradation, stress, cardiovascular disease, and many more.

Noise Pollution: 200 Words Paragraph

The accumulation of noise in the surrounding environment is what is meant when we talk about “noise pollution.” Sound pollution is another term for this phenomenon. Human activities such as transportation, building activity, the use of heavy machinery, and urban developments are the primary contributors to the problem of noise pollution. In many cases, the significance of the problem of noise pollution and the damage it does to both people and the environment is ignored.

There can be many events that can lead to noise pollution. Worldwide, one of the primary contributors to the problem of noise pollution is the transportation industry. Engine noise, horns, and exhaust noise of cars, light motor vehicles, trucks, buses, etc cause persistent noise pollution.

When there is a significant amount of noise pollution, such as when there is traffic congestion or when there are just a few lanes available, it might be difficult to hear one’s own speech. When compared to the allowable limit of 70 decibels, the noise pollution level at or beyond that of a busy road or high is around 90 dB (decibels). Being exposed to such high decibel levels can have a direct effect on hearing ability.

Paragraph on Noise Pollution: 300 Words

One kind of pollution that we encounter daily is known as noise pollution. Noise pollution, along with other forms of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution, has a significant negative influence on human health. Noise pollution, in addition to the air pollution we are exposed to on a daily basis, is a significant contributor to the detriment it may have on our lives.

The World Health Organization has identified noise pollution as a serious and even life-threatening threat to human health. According to research conducted by the European Environment Agency (EEA), noise pollution is to blame for 16,600 premature deaths in Europe alone. A person who is subjected to noise pollution consistently may eventually develop health problems and put themselves in a hazardous situation.

Every day, millions of people are impacted by the presence of noise pollution in their environments. Hearing damage is the most prevalent health issue that may be attributed to prolonged exposure to loud noise. In addition, exposure to loud noise has been linked to a variety of adverse health effects, including stress, hypertension, heart disease, and sleep disruptions.

These health issues may affect people of any age, but children are more vulnerable to them. Children who live close to noisy airports and busy streets are more likely to suffer from stress and other health issues, including challenges with reading, concentration, and memory, according to several studies.

The presence of several obnoxious noise disturbances might lead to difficulties later in life. The honking of cars, loudspeakers, increased traffic, and other factors have contributed to the increased noise pollution in today’s cities. Noise pollution is also being aggravated by the construction of new roads, buildings, and apartment complexes. Noise pollution is more frequent in urban areas. However, noise pollution is comparatively less in rural areas.


Noise pollution is a serious issue. It has been affecting the lives of human beings and that is why the government should come forward to reduce the growth of noise pollution in urban areas.

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