9 Best Geometry Books: A Guide for Students and Teachers

Geometry is a well-known mathematical branch taught to students of all ages, even in elementary. It’s not been taught from recent times but from ancient times. This field of study has been around for thousands of years, and the Egyptian and Indus civilization proves its ancient existence. And this branch of study was responsible for the advancement of mankind because it helped men to invent wheels. I’m going to share the best 9 Geometry Books details for school students and teachers.

However, geometry is the study of points, shapes, angles, and dimensions of objects, which is true. Since we can’t study or understand them properly without the geometrical theorems. But this specialized field has much more significance than imagined. It’s not limited to calculating just the angles or shapes of objects anymore. It also helps to calculate the planetary movements and distance between stars, orbits of the planets and stars, etc.

Studying geometry is crucial and mandatory for all students throughout the planet – that’s why it’s taught to students of all ages. It helps them build a good career path and develops critical and logical thinking skills. In addition, learners get various career options by studying geometry, such as university professors, researchers, physicists, engineers, interior designers, and much more.

But to achieve those milestones, learners require having core knowledge of geometry. And which would be better than the best geometry books with advanced theorems that we are about to mention in this guide.

What Is Geometry and Why It Is Important?

Geometry is one of the many branches of mathematics that deals with points, lines, areas, shapes, angles, volumes, coordinates, and dimensions of various objects. It’s a specialized branch that has existed for thousands of years and helping mankind to advance.

The exact origin of geometry is unknown since all ancient civilizations shown some kind of implementation of geometry, such as the Indus civilization and their monuments, the Egyptian civilization and its pyramids, and the list goes on.

This field of mathematics also has many day-to-day applications in our modern-day life. Whether you’re in the office or at home – triangles and rectangles are considerable things for everyone in our everyday life, and we have to deal with them – geometry just makes those things simpler for us.

Name any field – and you will see the importance of geometry on it. For instance, interior designing deals with designing a home or any domain. And one who possesses a vast knowledge of shapes and angles can fill the open space with shaped objects, which will bloom the space.

Likewise, geometry helps engineers build essential things efficiently, such as bridges, buildings, dams, etc. Physicists need to study geometry so that they can understand and explain reality. On the other hand, even graphics designers and game developers require this specialized study to create something new since games and graphics design require distance, coordinates, and shaping.

9 Best Geometry Books for students and teachers

List of Top 9 Geometry Books for Beginners

Elementary Geometry for College Students 7th Edition

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Authors: Daniel C. Alexander, Geralyn M. Koeberlein

This eleven-chaptered geometry book is designed the way so that students can boost their reasoning skills and better understand fundamental geometry and its concepts. The book contains all the geometrical vocabularies and concepts like points, lines, different shapes, their relations, etc. It even discusses trigonometry.

The book uses real-world examples and illustrations to solve real-world problems. Its approaches and principles help students to develop critical thinking ability and reasoning – not to mention mastering geometry. Also, it features over 150 exercises to practice and an online helping tool to help with the course.

Why Pick This Book:

  • Over 150 real-world exercises and examples.
  • Clear and short concepts.
  • Critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • Covers all fundamental geometrical concepts.

McDougal Littell Geometry 10th Edition

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Authors: Ron Larson, Laurie Boswell, Lee Stiff

Geometry is not a subject to master easily – it never was. Its concepts and principles are too complicated to understand. But this book serves all those complex approaches and formulas with clear and simple explanations so everyone can understand.

The “McDougal Littell Geometry” breaks down all the formulas and explains them with simple elaborations so that students who have no mathematical background can also understand them.

Why Pick This Book:

  • The simplicity of concepts and formulas.
  • Clear and easy elaborations.
  • Handy quizzes.
  • Well-organized.

Painless Geometry

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Author: Lynette Long, Ph.D.

The painless series is well-known for its easy step-by-step approach toward learners. And that’s how the book serves all the complex principles of geometry in an engaging and fun manner. The author made it possible for readers to understand the geometrical concepts with fun so that they can grasp this field without boredom or any issues and solve problems with a step-by-step approach.

The book features real-world examples and applications, so learners don’t find geometry complicated. It explains the relationships with lines, circles, rectangles, and other geometrical shapes with interesting puzzles for easy understanding.

Why Pick This Book:

  • Simplified and detailed insights.
  • Amusing puzzles.
  • Effecting studying strategies.

Geometry Revisited

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Authors: H.S.M. Coxeter, Samuel L. Greitzer

For learners,it’s a must-have book for learners who are serious about geometry and want to learn advanced theorems. That’s because it not only talks about the fundamental concepts of geometry but also the advanced theorems, such as many amusing properties of triangles, circles, quadrilaterals, and conics.

Additionally, the book discuss about some of the nontrivial concepts and proofs, like Menelaus, Ceva, Pappus, Pascal, Desargues, and Brainchon. Also, it contains elaborations of Morley’s theorems along with rotations, reflections, similarities, affine, inventions, translations, projective transformation, etc.

Why Pick This Book:

  • In-depth ideas.
  • Perfect transitioning for college.
  • Advanced concepts with simplified explanations.

Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge

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Authors: Richard Rhoad, George Milauskas, Robert Whipple

The book was created for classes nine and up, but it’s also ideal for students in honors and higher who are willing to learn geometry concepts. However, the best thing about this book that we like is the fun approach that makes it easy to understand even the complicated formulas and principles.

The book also contains some of the most challenging exercises explained in simplified form so that all sorts of students can have fun solving them and use this capability in real life. Its methods will help learners to solve geometrical problems with a step-by-step approach.

Why Pic this Book:

  • Strong logical explanation.
  • Creative problem-solving approach.
  • Tons of exercises for the foundation.

Glencoe Geometry Student Edition

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Author: McGraw Hill

We find it the only geometry book suitable for high schoolers since it follows the state standards for four-year high school mathematics. The book packs every detail and concept of geometry every higher schooler needs for their course of study.

Now, high schoolers require guidelines for advancing, and when it comes to geometry – they need exceptional help with the study. And this book promises the advancements that will help the students move to the next level.

Why Pick This Book:

  • Suitable for 9 to 12.
  • Supports state standards for high school mathematics.
  • An extensive number of exercises to practice.

Introduction to Geometry

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Author: Richard Rusczyk

It’s the perfect book for those searching for a solution for all fundamental geometry problems. Former US Mathematic Olympiad winner Richard Rusczky wrote it. The book contains all the basic concepts of geometry. And the fascinating thing about the book is that it starts with problems that readers need to solve, which is engaging and skill-boosting.

The book contains over 900 problems that readers need to solve. But those who require help can get with its solution. That’s because the book features the solution for each problem rather than answers. All explanations are easy-to-understand with simple but powerful approaches. The book discusses circles, triangles, rectangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, areas, three-dimensional geometry, and more.

Why Pick This Book:

  • Over 900 challenging problems.
  • Packs answers with comprehensive solutions.
  • Skill-boosting approach for problem-solving.

Geometry by Construction



Author: Michael McDaniel

It’s an old-school geometry book based on two geometrical approaches – Euclidian and non-Euclidian. Those looking for advanced geometry knowledge with traditional methods should follow this book. We recommend this book to every mathematics reader since it helps them level up their reasoning since follows the old pencil-and-paper approach where you can’t just get the solution online.

As a reader, you must use the illustrations drawn with your pencil and solve geometry problems. It’s the best approach to develop your reasoning skill and help you solve problems independently.

Why Pick This Book:

  • Develops reasoning skills with a vast number of problems.
  • Contains simplified solutions with explanations.
  • Explains non-Euclidian geometry.

Must Know High School Geometry



Authors: Allen Ma, Amber Kuang

As a reader, you will be shocked while reading this book. That’s because it discusses all the geometrical concepts very simply that even a non-mathematical background student won’t find geometry hard.

It describes all the geometrical concepts step-by-step and with engaging writing rich in elaborations and examples so that you can understand all the concepts without a hassle and solve problems with no issues.

Why Pick This Book:

  • Engaging writing.
  • Elaborations for better understanding.
  • Supports national standards.

The Ultimate Buying Guide for the Best Geometry Book:

There are vast numbers of geometry books available online and in bookstores, but not all of them are suitable for you. That’s because most of them are filled with problems and answers only, not approaches that can help you understand geometry and solve problems independently. That’s why we developed some guidelines with extensive research to find the best geometry books for your needs.

Books with Simple but Strong Approaches

If the book is too complicated, you will be frustrated rather than understand the subject matter. A book containing simple but strong approaches will help you build an excellent foundation of geometry that you can use to solve geometrical problems.

Books with Solutions Rather Than Just Answers

Like we mentioned, most geometry books in stores nowadays focus on problems and answers only. You will find tons of problems and answers on there, but no explanations or simple approaches to solve them. So, choose a book that discusses techniques and elaborations.

Book with All Geometrical Concepts

You are putting your money into a geometry book, so you are serious about mastering geometry. Thus, you require a book that discusses all geometry concepts but in a simplified form for your better understanding.

Price of the Book

You also need to focus on the book’s price among a vast range of options. Some books will cost you a lot but do not offer the simplicity of geometry required. So, a low price doesn’t mean the book is necessarily good. Instead, purchase a book with good resources with understanding elaboration for a reasonable price.


Geometry is a complicated field of study since it talks about shapes, equations, and even calculus. And that’s why learners find it extremely hard to understand. But with proper guidelines and elaborations, this branch of mathematics can be mastered in no time.

To help learners understand geometry, an excellent handbook can do the task. And the books that we have mentioned are more than enough to make you a master of geometry since those books focus on reasoning skill development and feature simple and step-by-step approaches for solving geometrical problems with real-world examples and exercises.

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