Population Problem Paragraph All Class Students

The term population problem indicates the total number of people living in a specific area. The population provides a rough estimate of the number of people and guides our planning. Since the start of globalization, the population problem has become a serious issue worldwide.

Population Problem Paragraph for HSC Students

A country’s population is both a blessing and a curse for a nation. It depends on the nation on how to treat it. The population problem has become an impacting issue because the resources around the world cannot keep up with the demand. Adding more population is just making things harder to meet. According to the statistics, it has been estimated that by the time 2050, the global population of the world will reach around 9.9 billion, which is a staggering increase.

The population has been a root cause of many new problems, such as unemployment, poverty, pollution, price rise, deforestation, and many other critical issues. Overpopulation can hinder the progress of a nation. A nation cannot keep up with the demand of the population if its resources are minimal.

Finding the root cause of overpopulation is not that hard. One of the major reasons for overpopulation is Illiteracy, poverty, child marriage, lack of knowledge, unemployment, rapid growth, poor s-e-x education, and many others.

To stop this problem, it is important to spread awareness and also establish education in both rural and urban areas. In addition, the government needs to pass laws to ensure the child marriage rate is reduced.

Population Problem Paragraph: 100 Words

The total population of the Earth is around 8 billion. China comes first, being the highest populated country in the world. Both China and India consist of 35% of the world population. Even though the population of China is the largest in the world and India comes in second, Bangladesh comes first, being the most densely populated country in the world.

It was predicted that in 1804, the global population would reach one billion. Getting to two billion took until 1927, and another 33 years before it hit three billion in 1960. Nowadays, a global population increase of one billion only takes around 12 or 13 years which means the rate is increasing exponentially. The population problem has become a global issue around the world.

Problem on Population Paragraph 300 Words

One of the major problems that the global economy is facing is the problem of the rapid growth of the population. The demand for resources is simply too high compared to the supply. Many nations are seeking out and importing to meet the demand of their population, but that comes with a higher expense of taxpayers’ money.

Reports have been circulating concerning a growing scarcity of employment and a lack of availability of food grains across the planet.In addition, thee number of people on Earth is increasing at a relatively constant pace. The current population of the globe is estimated to be over seven billion people, and it is anticipated that this number will more than double during the next three or four decades.

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One of the main reasons for a growing population is that the mortality rate has decreased compared to the birth rate. This is because of the advancement in the medical field. Even 100 years ago, newly born infants would die because of common diseases that were not naturally immune to. However, after the boom in the vaccine and medicines sectors, newly born infants have better immune systems to fight against common diseases and viruses.

In addition, Illiteracy is another cause of the surge in population. People who struggle to read and write are more likely to be uninformed, conventional, and superstitious. People who have received a proper education know the many birth control techniques.

The outcome that was hoped for has not been achieved through family planning, social programs, or other measures. Any nation’s ability to make development is being severely hampered by a rise in its population, which places an enormous burden on that nation’s inadequate infrastructure. Poverty is one of the stepping stones to the increase in Illiteracy.

Conclusion: The population problem has also led to climate change through global warming. Therefore, it is high time to be more aware and cautious and develop a proper model to solve the population problem that the world is currently facing.

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