My House Paragraph for Students (100, 200, 300 Words)

A home is a place where a person feels most comfortable and safe. A house is filled with love and life. Of course, building a home from scratch takes a lot of struggle and effort. But that is why it is one of the precious possessions of a person.

My House Paragraph 100 Words

My house is located in a suburb of our city. It is the best place for me because I was raised here from the beginning of my birth. Therefore, every childhood memory is between these walls. It is not a big house, but it is perfect because I find it comforting and peaceful.

Our house has two bedrooms and a kitchen. It has an additional two bathrooms and one storeroom. We have a nice garden beside our house where the view is spectacular. My mother is very strict about keeping cleanliness in our house. That is why she always makes sure our house remains neat and clean.

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Paragraph About My House 200 Words

My house is situated in a nice society. It is the place where I grew up. Therefore, I have lots of memories of it. Our house consists of 4 members: my mother, my father, my sister, and me. Everyone in the family loves living in our house. Our house is not the biggest in society, but it is perfect for us. I always felt a special connection to my house, so whenever I went on a vacation or attended a wedding in a different city, I used to feel very homesick. My house is a comfort zone that no other place can replace.

There are two bedrooms, a dining room, a living room, a kitchen, and two bathrooms available in our house. At our house, we have all the fundamental requirements met, such as an adequate supply of electricity and water. In addition, we have a garden space in front of our house. My mother loves to do her gardening early in the morning and afternoon. She says buying this house was one the best decisions they ever took, and we all agree. I feel most secure in my house.

Paragraph on My House 300 Words

Our loving grandfather built the house we live in. After his death, we started living there and living there, and I can feel my grandfather’s presence. There is a spiritual connection that I feel in my house. Besides my parents and my elder brother, my aunt and uncle also live in our home. My family adores me a lot. We live together in harmony.

I miss my grandmother too. She used to do gardening in the front yard of our house. She used to make delicious curry and dishes with fresh vegetables from the garden. After she passed away, my mother started gardening to honor her. Our home is one of the most attractive structures in our community. I like when visitors praise and value our home.

Most guests who come to our house show their gratitude to us and express their adoration for our house’s design and color scheme. There are a total of six rooms, one of which is a kitchen, another is a family area, and the other is a library. The library in our home has a rich collection of novels and journals. My grandfather was a bookworm, and so was my father. 

Our collection is spectacular, and some are the first edition. I look forward to following in the footsteps of my father and my grandfather and increasing the library collection when I get older. My mother prepares our meals in the kitchen. She sometimes cooks delicious curry with the vegetables she grows in the garden.

A wall surrounds our house. When we invite guests over, we have a distinct and sizable section of our house set aside for them, where they are welcome to sit and stay for the duration of their visit.

Conclusion: Having a house is a blessing. It is a place where a person can relax and feel most comfortable. A sense of familiarity and belonging emerges in us whenever the name of the home crosses our minds.

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