Best Government College in Dhaka | Top 10 Colleges in Dhaka

If you’re searching for the Top 10 Colleges in Dhaka, Bangladesh then you’ve come to the right place. Moreover, for those who are interested in studying in government colleges, we have tried to cover the list of the best government college in Dhaka division.

SSC result has been published and every school student is very excited to start a new life, which is College Life.

Every student dreams about college life. Everyone thinks he will do something different in college. Someone might prefer college life for a little more freedom. Someone is overwhelmed with new places, new friends. And someone may want to get admitted to college and study well and get admitted somewhere better.

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I respect the thoughts of all of you. But whatever the plan is to get admitted to the college, the main purpose of admission to the college is to study. So after getting admitted to the college, the study should be given priority.

Admission to a good college is essential for a good education. So we have brought here a list of all the colleges in Dhaka. Additionally, we will list down the top 10 colleges in Dhaka. Hopefully, this will help you to find the best college in Dhaka.

Best Government Colleges in Dhaka Division

Here is the list of  best government colleges in Dhaka division:

1. Dhaka College, Dhaka.

2. Dhamrai Govt. College, Dhaka.

3. Govt. Titumir College, Dhaka.

4. College of Home Economics, Dhaka.

5. B.Badrunnessa Govt. Girls College, Dhaka.

6. Govt. Bangla College, Dhaka.

7. Govt. Music College, Dhaka.

8. Govt. Shaheed Suhrawardi College, Dhaka.

9. Kabi Nazrul Govt. College, Dhaka.

10. Govt. Science College, Dhaka.

11. Tongi Govt. College, Gazipur.

12. Bhawal Badre Alam Govt. College, Gazipur.

13. Ghior Govt. College, Manikgonj.

14. Manikgonj Govt. Mohila College, Manikgonj.

15. Govt. Devendra College, Manikgonj.

16. Govt. Viku Memorial College, Manikgonj.

17. Govt. Adamjeenagar MW College, Narayangonj.

18. Narayangonj Govt. Mhila college, Narayangonj.

19. Govt.Tolaram College, Narayangonj.

20. Govt. Safar Ali College, Narayangonj.

21. Gazaria Govt. College, Munshigonj.

22. Munshigonj Govt. Mohila College, Munshigonj.

23. Govt. Haraganga Govt. Mohila College, Munshigonj.

24. Govt. Sreenagar College, Munshigonj.

25. Boalmari Govt. College, Faridpur.

26. Charbhadrason Govt. College, Faridpur.

27. Govt. Yasin College, Faridpur.

28. Govt. Saradasundari Mohila College, Faridpur.

29. Govt. Rajendra College, Faridpur.

30. Govt. Ainudden College, Faridpur.

31. Sadarpur Govt. College, Faridpur.

32. Govt. Bangabandhu College, Gopalgonj.

33. Govt. Nazrul College, Gopalgonj.

34. Govt. S.K. College, Gopalgonj.

35. SK. Lutfor Rahman Govt. College, Gopalgonj.

36. Kishoreganj Govt. Mohila College, Kishoreganj.

37. Gurudayal Govt. College, Kishoreganj.

38. Govt. Nazim Uddin College, Madaripur.

39. Govt. Barhamgonj College, Madaripur.

40. Narsindgdi Govt. Mohila College, Narsindgdi.

41. Narsindgdi Govt. College, Narsindgdi.

42. Shahid Asad Govt. College, Narsindgdi.

43. Rajbari Govt. College, Rajbari.

44. Naria Govt. College, Shariatpur.

45. Shariatpur Govt. College, Shariatpur.

46. Nagarpur, Govt. College, Tangail.

47. Kumudini Govt. Mohila College, Tangail.

48. Govt. Moulana Muhammad Ali College, Tangail.

49. Govt. Saadat University College, Tangail.

List of Govt. College in Dhaka City

1. Kabi Nazrul Government College
Address: 1 No, Municipality Street, Dhaka 1100, Bangladesh
Founded: 1874

2. Begum Badrunnessa Government Girls College
Address: 7 Bakshi Bazar Road, Dhaka 1211, Bangladesh
Founded: 1948

3. Dhaka College
Address: New Market, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
Founded: 20 November 1841

4. Government Bangla College
Address: Darus Salam Rd, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh
Founded: 1 October 1962

5. Government Titumir College
Address: Bir Uttam AK Khandakar Rd, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh
Founded: 1968

6. Government College of Applied Human Science
Address: Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
Founded: 1961

7. Govt. Music College
Address: Agargaon, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh
Founded: 1963

8. Government Science College
Address: 34/B Farmgate – Tejturi Bazar Rd, Dhaka 1215, Bangladesh
Founded: 1954

9. Dhaka Commerce College
Address: Academic Building – 2, Commerce College Road, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh
Founded: 1989

10. Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College
Address: Peelkhana, Newmarket PO, Lalbagh PS, Dhaka 1205
Founded: 1977

11. Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College
Address: Peelkhana, BGB Head Quarters, Dhaka 1205
Founded: January 1, 1984

12. Govt. Teachers’ Training College, Dhaka
Address: New Market – Pilkhana Rd, Dhaka 1205
Founded: January 6, 1909

13. Government College of Physical Education
Address: Satmasjid Road, Dhaka
Founded: 1954

14. Govt. Shaheed Suhrawardy College, Dhaka
Address: Lakshmi Bazaar, Dhaka 1100
Founded: November 11, 1949

15. Govt. Bangabandhu College, Dhaka
Address: Road No. 29/B, Dhaka 1216

16. Jatir Janak Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Government College
Address: Airport – Dakshinkhan Rd, Dhaka 1230
Founded: 2013

17. Dhaka Udyan Government College
Address: Dhaka Uddan Housing Society, Block B Road No 3, Dhaka

18. Mohammadpur Government College
Address: Dhaka Government Commercial Institute, Satmasjid Road, Dhaka 1205
Founded: 1966

19. Vashantek Govt. College
Address: BRP Gate, Vashantek Rd, Dhaka 1216

20. Tejgaon College
Address: 16 Indira Rd, Dhaka 1215
Founded: 1961

21. Dhaka Mohila College
Farmgate, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Founded: 1972

22. Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Govt. Mohila College
Address: Mirpur-2, Dhaka 1216
Founded: 1980

23. Government Laboratory College

24. Azimpur Govt. Girls’ School & College
Address: 49E, 49E, 44e Azimpur Rd, Dhaka 1205
Founded: 1957

25. Shahid Begum Sheikh Fazilatunessa Govt. College
Address: Hazaribag, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

26. Eden Mohila College
Address: New Market – Pilkhana Rd, Dhaka 1205
Founded: 1873

27. Agrani School and College
Address: Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Founded: 1957

Top 10 Colleges in Dhaka

Based on HSC results from 2015 to 2019, we have created a list of the top 10 colleges in Dhaka. I believe these are the best college in Dhaka City. Here is the list:

  1. Notre Dame College
  2. Adamjee Cantonment College
  3. Viqarunnisa Noun Girls School and College
  4. Dhaka City College
  5. Rajuk Uttara Model College
  6. Holy Cross College
  7. Dhaka College
  8. Ideal School and College
  9. Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Public College
  10. BAF Shaheen College

1 – Notre Dame College

Notre Dame College was established in November 1949 in the Laxmibazar area of ​​Old Dhaka. At that time it was called St. Gregory College. The college was shifted to Arambagh in Motijheel in 1954-55. The current name of the college, “Notre Dame”, refers to Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.


Notre Dame College - Father Timm Bhaban

The college was founded by Roman Catholic priests in anticipation of the crisis in the education sector in the newly born country of East Pakistan. Notre Dame College has been gaining a reputation as the best institution for higher secondary education in Bangladesh since 1980.

Official Website of Notre Dame College:


2 – Adamjee Cantonment College

The journey of Adamjee Cantonment College started on February 1, 1970. The college was established by Gul Muhammad Adamji. Initially, it debuted as an English medium school.

Adamjee Cantonment College

At present, the college is being run by the officers of the Bangladesh Army.
Usually the children of the army members living in the Dhaka cantonment study in this college. It is in the second position based on the results of the HSC exam.

Official Website:


3 – Viqarunnisa Noon Girls School and College

Viqarunnisa Noon Girls School and College is a reputed high school in Dhaka, where only girls have the opportunity to study. The school started its journey in 1947 under the name of Ramna Preparatory School.

Viqarunnisa Noon School and College

Begum Viqar un Nisa Noon, an Austrian Pakistani social worker, wife of the then Governor of East Pakistan, Firoz Khan Noon, came to Bangladesh in 1950 and was impressed by the school.

The school improved a lot with her direct help and support. The school was later renamed “Viqarunnisa Noon” in her honor.

The main campus is located on Bailey Road in Dhaka. It also has three more campuses at Dhanmondi, Azimpur, and Bashundhara. It currently has more than 25,000 students on its four campuses.

Official website of Viqarunnisa Noon Girls School and College:

4 – Dhaka City College

Dhaka City College is one of the oldest private colleges in Dhaka. The college started its journey in 1957 with the help of local academics and social workers during the rule of Pakistan.

Dhaka City College

Until the 1970s, classes at this college were held at West End High School and later at Dhaka College. At that time the name of the college was Dhaka Night College.

In 1970, all the activities of the college were shifted to their own campus Dhanmondi residential area. It offers Higher Secondary Education, Honors, and Masters-degree programs.

Official website of Dhaka City College:

5 – RAJUK Uttara Model College

RAJUK Uttara Model College is one of the renowned educational institutions in Dhaka city located in Sector 7 of Uttara. The college was established in 1994 on about 4.5 acres of land in collaboration with RAJUK and under the direct control and management of the Ministry of Education.

When the construction work of the main academic building was completed in early 1994, the then Prime Minister Khaleda Zia inaugurated the college branch in the 1994-95 academic year.


RAJUK Uttara Model College

Although RAJUK Uttara Model College started its journey with the morning branch, the day branch was introduced in the school in 2003 to cope with the pressure of more students.

The admission process of RAJUK Uttara Model College is very competitive. Interested candidates have to pass both written and oral exams.

6th and 9th class admission test is usually held in December. Students are also admitted in 7th and 8th classes subject to vacancies. The admission process for Class XI is based on the SSC results which start within a few days of the publication of the results.

Official website of RAJUK Uttara Model College:

6 – Holy Cross College

Holy Cross College is a Catholic high school where only girls study. It is located in the Tejgaon area of ​​Dhaka. The college is run by nuns from the Holy Cross. Shikha Gomez, a nun of the Holy Cross, is the current principal of the college.

Holy Cross College

Holy Cross College started its journey in November 1950 with only 5 students. There are three departments of science, Arts and Commerce. The Department of Science was started here in 1961 and the Department of Commerce has been started recently.

After 1970, the BA section was closed and only intermediate level education was introduced. In 1972, the college was converted to full Bengali medium.

Official website of Holy Cross College:

7 – Dhaka College

Dhaka College is one of the top 10 colleges in Dhaka which is located in the heart of Dhaka city. Dhaka College, the first modern educational institution in the subcontinent, was established on 20 November 1841. Cambridge University student and Hindu College teacher J. Ireland was appointed the first principal of Dhaka College.

Dhaka College

After the establishment of Calcutta University in 1857, Dhaka College was affiliated to it. From that time onwards, the students of Dhaka College got the opportunity to participate in the conventional courses of Calcutta University.

In 1874 AD, a dormitory was established for students from outside Dhaka. Later, on 26 May 1904, a government meeting decided to build a modern dormitory for Dhaka College.

The school-college inspector of East Bengal mentioned In his report of 1859-60 that the courses taught at Dhaka College is Equivalent to the University of London’s B.A. At present the college is affiliated to Dhaka University.

Official website of Dhaka College:


8 – Ideal School and College

Ideal School and College is a secondary and higher education institution located in Dhaka city. It is also known as Ideal High School or Motijheel Ideal School.

On 15 March 1965, Ideal School and College started its journey as a primary school in a tin shed fenced house in Motijheel, Dhaka.

Ideal School and College

It was upgraded to a junior school in 1968 and a full-fledged high school in 1972. In 1973, the students of the school took part in the SSC examination for the first time.

In the 1990-91 academic year, a college branch was established for female students on the east side of the school building on the Motijheel campus.

The foundation stone of the college building was laid in 1990 and the academic building in 2004. It currently has three campuses at Motijheel, Mugda, and Banasree.

Official website of Ideal School and College:


9 – Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Public College

Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Public College was formerly known as Rifles Public School and College, located at the headquarters of Border Guard Bangladesh at Peelkhana. Originally set up to ensure the education of the children of BGB members, everyone can study here.

The college was established on 1st August 1977 with arrangements for study up to class VIII. In 1980, for the first time, the students of the institute participated in the SSC exam. Later in 1983 the institution was transformed into a college. In 1985, for the first time, students participated in the HSC exam.

Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Public College

The English version was introduced in the college in 2004. Due to the change in the name of Border Guard Bangladesh, the name of the college also needs to be changed, which came into effect in 2011.

Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Public College has primary and secondary education as well as higher secondary education. In the secondary branch, the science, and commerce department, and in the higher secondary branch, besides these two, there is also an opportunity to study in the humanities department. Up to secondary, both Bengali and English versions can be studied.

Students admitted in the first class and KG class are selected by the lottery system. With the exception of these two classes, all other classes in the school branch are admitted through an admission test, subject to vacancies.

Those who pass the written test of the school admission test are given the opportunity of admission with the oral test. For admission in the college, according to the revised government rules, admission is given considering the SSC result.

Official website of Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Public College:


10 – BAF Shaheen College

BAF Shaheen College is in tenth place according to our list of top 10 colleges in Dhaka. The college was established in 1960 by the then Pakistan Air Force (now Bangladesh Air Force). It is under the Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Education and is managed by the Bangladesh Air Force.

BAF Shaheen College

Originally established for the children of the Air Force, ordinary students also get the opportunity to study here. Here lessons are given to students from children’s class to XII class. There are a total of six Shaheen colleges across the country, including one more in Dhaka.

Official website of BAF Shaheen College:

I hope the information about “best government college in Dhaka” will help you. If you have any question or query, feel free to write down below in the comment section.

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