Save Animals Paragraph in English for School Students

Animals are part of the ecosystem in which we live. The ecosystem follows the rule of the circle of life. Therefore, we need to follow the rules of the circle of life so that we can live in the same ecosystem in harmony, saving the animals.

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Save Animals Paragraph in English for School Students

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100 Words

The diversity of life on earth is a priceless blessing bestowed by God. The word “fauna” may refer to a wide variety of non-domesticated living forms, including birds, insects, plants, fungi, and even tiny creatures. It is most often used to refer to non-domesticated animals, although it can also be used to refer to wild animals.

Human beings are just as vital as other animals, plants, and marine species when it comes to preserving a healthy ecological balance on our planet. Every living thing that exists on our planet has a certain position in the food chain and makes a contribution to the environment in its own unique manner and that is why it is important to save animals.

200 Words

The natural environments of animals and plants are being destroyed by people for the sake of land development and agriculture. Other significant contributors to the extinction of wildlife include illegal activities such as poaching and shooting animals for their fur, jewelry, meat, and leather. If drastic action is not made to preserve the wildlife soon, their names will soon be added to the list of extinct species.

This might happen very quickly.  The loss of wild species will very probably have a catastrophic effect on the survival of the human race. As a result, it falls squarely on our shoulders as human beings to preserve not just the animals on our planet but also, and maybe most crucially, ourselves.

Relationships between various creatures, such as those seen in food webs and food chains, are the very foundation upon which the ecosystem is built. Even if just one wild species disappears from its environment, this may throw the whole food chain out of balance, which can have fatal consequences. The consequences work as a ripple effect and the origin can be as small as the extinction of bees. If bee populations were to decline, food crop yields would suffer dramatically because of insufficient pollination.

300 Words

The animals make up the most significant portion of nature. Even the human race is a subset of the animal kingdom. The fact that many species of animals are being extinct from the natural world each year is the single most upsetting and unfortunate occurrence.

The unfortunate part is we have not been successful in preserving them. One of the most significant causes is the presence of human predators that hunt animals to obtain personal benefit. We have to put a stop to them. Animals serve a multitude of purposes, and it would be impossible to adequately convey how essential they are to both the natural world and human society.

Because of the food chain that exists in our environment, we can determine that every living thing is interconnected with every other living thing. When a species goes extinct, the food chain shifts out of equilibrium, which has a significant impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Additionally, there is no question that this is not a favorable opportunity. The welfare of animals is important to us daily.

It is high time we become serious about saving animals because without them our existence is also at risk. We sustain depending on them and that is why we need to do everything in our hands to save them and ensure a sustainable life on the earth.

The role that animals play in our natural world is quite significant. Most of the time, we do not notice any direct relationship between animal husbandry and farming. However, the majority of animals provide a significant contribution to farming and other kinds of food production. A significant number of animals are being subjected to extreme levels of hostility, which makes life difficult for them. Just like us, the life of animals is also essential in the ecosystem.


Animals have been a part of the ecosystem for thousands of years. We have to respect their role in the circle of life and ensure they live for future generations by saving them.

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